Buzzy Seeds Basillicum Grove

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Buzzy Basillicum Grove

Basil, which is mainly known from the Mediterranean can be grown only. Yearling They are beautiful, decorative plants.
Basil adds flavor to many dishes that are fairly neutral taste of itself. The name Basil (Ocimum basilicum) comes from the Greek word basileus, meaning king. With its aromatic basil leaves is impossible to imagine the Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Away It is mainly used in pasta sauces (basil is the ingredient in pesto), with meat and fish dishes and salads. Further use in the canning of pickles. Basil works appetizing. The magazine is fresh or dried (with some flavor is lost) or frozen using.
Pesto do so:
Grind the leaves finely, add also some parsley and drizzle everything with olive oil. This vomt basic possibly all kinds of ingredients can be added a clove of garlic, pepper, salt, parmesan or other spicy cheese, pine seeds or walnuts. Keep the refrigerator cold pesto in a closed pot. For long term storage, freeze in small portions. But fresh pesto remains the best.

The basil seeds must in the period mid-March to July in a seed tray in a warm place, and after 5-6 weeks, when danger of frost has passed, outdoors or in a flower pot planting. Use fresh manure is not recommended. This affects the flavor of the plant. Basil grows best in a warm, sunny place, sheltered from the wind. Plant basil at distances of 20 x 20 cm. Keep the soil moist during the growth. It deserves to grow basil in pots recommendation that the herb can be downloaded. Again cold and bad Basil should definitely not dry. Too much water will rot the stems and hang out. The leaves watering in hot weather.
During the July - September is the time for the harvest of the lower leaves and young tops. The plant blooms in late summer; the removal of the flowers has the advantage that the plant retains its form better and more leaves gets to harvest.