Rhizopon rooting powder

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Working with Rhizopon rooting powder

A pre-treatment of cuttings with a powder-based growth substance is one of the most common methods of instigating cuttings to generate roots simultaneously and uniformly. Because of its spe-cial compound, powder has a slow release effect. Many plants may show a better reaction to this slow release of active ingredient than they would do to the faster absorption from a solution.

Thin layer
When working with Rhizopon rooting powder, it is important to make sure that the powder is evenly distributed in a thin layer over the whole base of the cutting. Otherwise the cuttings might show disproportionate rooting at the spots where surplus powder has been applied. Care should be taken so that no leaves or other parts of the cuttings come into contact with the powder, as this would soften the cell walls and damage the tissue.

Powder dip
The pre-treatment of cuttings with Rhizopon pow-der is simple and easy. The bases of the cuttings, one by one or in small bundles, are dipped into the powder concentration to be used. Root formation can be expected all over the part of the cutting, that is covered with the powder. After dipping the surplus powder -should be carefully shaken off until the base of each cutting is covered with a thin and even layer of powder. With spe-cific applications e.g. powder treatment of airlayers, the powder can be applied by means of a clean soft brush.

Combined powder dip and spraying
Certain species are known to be slow and irregular in rooting. To stimulate the rooting a few weeks after sticking, an extra treatment with a Rhizopon-solution could be very succesful. For further information about this method contact: info@rhizopon.com

The growth substance
Rhizopon and Chryzo growth substances are sold in various pre-formulated powder concentrations, based on three different active ingredients. With these products you always have the most suitable root promoter available for a wide variety of cuttings.

Powder or solution
In some cases it could be better to use a Rhizopon solution. This varies from crop to crop. It is even possible that using a solution could suit your nursery managment better than using powders.

The secret of Rhizopon rooting powders
The rooting powders of Rhizopon have the unique quality to supply the active ingredients in full concentration over several days to the cuttings, giving the advantage of regular and uniform roots round the base of cuttings.

Laboratory tests
Rhi-zopon has manufactured its rooting pow-der for al-most 60 years. In this time Rhizopon has developed a production method that gives the pow-ders that unique Rhizopon-quality. A quality which is controlled by an independent laboratory.

Quality control
Rhizopon does not only contol the quality after production, but also during packing and storage. This almost extreme care for quality guarantees the user of the Rhizopon- and Chryzo-products the correct concentration time after time. This guarantees an optimum result.