BAC Foliar Spray 120 ml

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B.A.C. Foliar Spray ensures the rapid production of chlorophyll (the green colour) in the leafs. The micro-organisms (photosynthesis bacteria) in and on the leafs that produce chlorophyll, are stimulated by B.A.C. Organic Foliar Spray.

This way, this leaf nutrient can be used as a plant enhancer.Your crop becomes stronger and has thicker leafs. It becomes more difficult for mildew, botrytis and other pests to affect your plants.

B.A.C. Foliar Spray also contains elements that make your crop inattractive for plant enemies such as trips and red spider mite. These pests are more easily repelled because they do not like your plants anymore.Prevention is better than the cure!

Dosage : 4ml/liter

    1 time in vegeatation
    1 time in week 1 flower
    1 time in week 2 flower