Auxine 250 ml

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     Deeper rooting, the stems grow up (geotropisme) so the plant can carry more weight.
     Healthier sheet.
     More flower and bud formation.
     Compact buds (more weight)
     Topping the bottom of the plant are better developed (less light, so heavier in weight)
     Significantly higher formation of T.H.C. crystals.
     Less susceptible to stress (any sudden differences in temperature, etc.)
     These findings have been made by spraying with auxin in the half of plants in a space, and the other half did not.
     The product is also applied in combination of pesticides (sapwood / mildew)
     Furthermore, the current feeding schedule held.

Use Auxin as follows: Spray the plants once all wet in week 3, 4 and 5 (5ml. Auxin per 5lt water.)

Auxin enhances the performance of crop production, both for agriculture, horticulture and floriculture. Auxin enhances the growth of plants on root, vegetative and generative level. Auxin is made of Sawn plant is not harmful to health or the environment.Auxin enhances resistance to stress and increases the harvest (> 20%)!