Garden Highpro Profan Oscillating Clipfan 2.0 20W 25cm

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This is a very versatile Clipfan !!! Not only does this clip fan 2 have different speeds, but it also has a pivoting function and also a rotating screen through which the air flow can be distributed over a very large range.
The fan itself can also be tilted a maximum of 45 degrees so that the air flow can be directed to any desired location.

The rotating screen can be controlled by means of a rotary knob.

The fan comes with two different mounting clamps:

A "clamp" clamp with which the fan can be mounted on various surfaces, and a clamp with which the fan can be mounted on a tube with a maximum diameter of 3 cm. Both horizontally and vertically! Ideal for use in growing tents.

The fan is very energy efficient due to the 20W AC motor, equipped with 100% copper windings. The latter also ensures that the engine lasts longer than other engines.


Diameter: 25cm (10 ")
Swivel function: Yes, 90 degrees.
Rotating grid: Yes, 360 degrees
2 speeds: (0 = off, 1 = high, 2 = low)
2 mounting clamps (Standard clamp & Tube clamp)
Power: 20W AC
Color: Black with green screen.

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