Pure Factory Pure Led Q320 V2 - 320W - 800 μmol - 100 cm x 100 cm - Kweeklamp LED Full Spectrum

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Version 2.0 of the well-known PureLED "Q" range with its 4 different models is very suitable for the self-sufficient grower - covering all cultivation areas - from small spaces of 0.5 m2 to long extensions interconnecting multiple luminaires.
The "Q"-range with its several models and features is perfect for combining with the various sizes of grow cabinets on the market.

With the "Q"-luminaire we cover surfaces ranging from 60 x 60 cm (Q150), 80 x 80 cm (Q240), 100 x 100 cm (Q320), up to 120 x 120 cm (Q420).

The luminaire includes a practical gradual continuous manual regulation of the light intensity.

The luminaire can also be operated with an external controller (not included), providing even more functions and versatility, such as sunrise and sunset, intensity reduction in case of overheating or total shutdown in case of emergency.

The luminaire is light and completely free of moving parts, so it works completely silent.
The lighting spectrum of the "Q" range is complete, indicated for the entire crop cycle - from germination to harvest - providing optimum plant development from start to finish.

Up to 5 years warranty.

PureLED Q320 V2 technical features:

- Size: 540 x 540 x 43 mm
- Weight: 5.6 kg
- Input voltage: 100-277V, AC
- Consumption: 320 W
- Protection against moisture: IP 65
- LEDs: Samsung SMD2835, Honglitronics SMD3535
- Efficiency: 2.7 mol/J
- PPF: 800 µmol/s