Hammered Reflector with fitting (47 x 42 cm)

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The Son-T Hammered Reflector is the most frequently used reflector by the hobby grower. Through the hammered relief in the aluminium, there is an even spread of the grow light what benefits the growth and flowering of the plants.
All reflectors are made in Holland of highly reflective anodized Almeco aluminium. The reflector is equipped with a wired porcelain E40 Fitting and a Vossloh Schwabe Crown stone.
At the top of the reflector there are punched out suspension eyes. Once opened you can hang the reflector easily with for example a victor chain.
The Hammered Reflector is suitable for all kind of MH and HPS grow lamps, from 150 watt up to 600 watt.

Tip! The Easy Glider is the perfect way to hang your reflector.