Hy-pro Hydro A / B 5 liter

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Most breeding grounds contain insufficient feeding substances and trace elements. Both factors are important for plants to reach exuberant grow and flowering. The feeding substances that HY-PRO uses, have been composed in such a way that all decorative plants will react optimally under all kinds of circumstances. A good example is the two component nutrition HY-DRO A/B. The components complete each other in this most optimal fertilizer for hydro culture.

Acidity and salt

This high-quality product offers many additional advantages, once mixed the solution will not sink to the bottom, so there is no circulation pump needed to mix the fluid. Fluctuations in pH - and EC-values (acidity and salt concentrations) will not occur. This is essential for plants because fluctuations can influence the amount of nutrition that plants consume, which you can see in their appearance.


Hydro culture offers several advantages compared with cultivating on commonpotting soil. For example, in offices hydro culture is a non-intensive and time-saving solution.

The advantages are:

    a longer life span for plants;
    no acidification of the ground, simple fertilisation;
    always sufficient air humidity;
    all common decorative plants grow well on hydro culture.


HY-DRO A/B can be administered from the second week of the flowering period of a plant, preferably followed by the use of Rootsdefender. We recommend mixing in the proportion of 1:200. This means 5 ml. (1 tsp) per litre water.