Hortiline Northstar Reflector

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Northstar reflector

-          Dimentions reflector  60 x  60 x  15 cm weight  1.15 kg

-          Dimentions box  61.5 x 61.5 x  17.5 cm weight 2 kg

-          Without cable and plug

The best quality super reflecting (97%) European aluminum

The special coating prevents oxidation of the aluminum (aluminum remains optimum reflection) The coating creates less pollution, easy to clean and longer life.

Up to 35% more reflection of light in the corners.

Up to 13.8 C lower temperature in the tops of the plant.

The new passive extraction system ensures that the heat from the lamp is brought up. (open design) so that less heat under the lamp at the plant and lifetime of the lamp wil be longer.

Inner profile (double parabola) and the square design is specially designed for optimal homogeneous reflection on a square surface, making this reflector is perfect for indoor growing.