Thermotimer for Heating Mat

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The Thermo-Timer is a perfect time thermostat, which can be used for many purposes thanks to the numerous setting and measuring possibilities.

Electrical appliances such as convectors or hot-air fans, heating cables, warning lamps, pumps etc., depending on the temperature, time or a combination of time/temperature, can be switched on using the Thermo-Timer. Whether you want to warm your bath in the morning, switch on the coffeemaker, heat your room to a certain temperature or heat your soil in winter using a minimum of energy, the Thermo-Timer offers various solutions for your house, hobby or occupation. The digital control through the display follows simple and visible steps through the 5 keys at the front.

A separate temperature sensor with a 1.0 m cable makes it possible to measure at any desirable place or level. The measuring accuracy takes care of a fast and accurate regulation of the appliance to be controlled. Thanks to the many setting possibilities it is possible to set 3 different time/temperature intervals, as a result hereof, for example, the day and night temperatures can be regulated without your intervention. Thanks to the switch light at the front you can see whether the appliance to be regulated is switched on.


    Full accuracy thanks to the digital setting and regulation
    Large setting possibilities (besides time and temperature, adjustable up to a maximum of 3 different time/temperature intervals)
    Separate temperature sensor with a 1.0 m cable makes it possible to measure the temperature at any place
    Can be used up to 3500W (16A at 230V)
    Suitable for the use with various types of electrical appliances
    Visible switching-on at the front


    Digital time thermostat
    Adjustable on time, temperature and a combination of time/temperature
    Day and night switching-on possible (a maximum of 3 intervals)
    230 volt
    Separate temperature sensor with a 1.0 m cable
    Temperature range from 0° - 40° C.
    Max. 3500W (16A at 230V)
    Including a 1,5V AAA-battery