Lumatek Digital Timer 16 A - NL

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The Lumatek Digital Timer is the ideal timer to help you to exactly time your grow illumination, ventilation and irrigation systems.
Especially the numerous adjustment possibilities of the Lumatek timer stand out. Up to 20 switching intervals per day can be precisely defined to the minute. In addition, different switching dates for different days of the week, the weekend, and much more can be set.
Thanks to the integrated battery, the entered values are stored even during a power failure or an operating break of up to 2 years.


-    20 on/off per day, 140 on/off per week
-    Switching intervals for individual days, day groups (Mo-Fr, weekends, every second day...) or the entire week
-    Integrated battery stores the timings for up to 2 years
-    Min setting time: 1 min.
-    Max setting time: 7 days.
-    Big LCD display
-    220 - 240 V - 50 Hz - 16 A