Canna Hydro Vega A/B 1 liter

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In the beginning of the growth phase, the plant lays the foundation for its eventual yield. Characteristics of healthy and powerful growth are vital side shoots and luxuriant root development.

CANNA Vega is developed especially to fulfil the plant’s needs optimally during this phase. CANNA Vega is applied to all types of inert mediums.

A complete absorption of nutrients and water is guaranteed from the beginning of the cultivation because CANNA Vega is rich in directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high quality EDDHA iron chelates and trace elements.

Use CANNA Vega A&B during the first stages of plant growth - the vegetative phase. It ensures a powerful healthy plant with large green vigorous shoots. It accelerates the generation of lush early growth on cuttings, seedlings and transplants resulting in more lateral shoot growth and greater plant biomass for a winning result!

It’s also an ideal feed for mother plants used for making clones. Rich in rapidly absorbable nitrogen compounds and pharmaceutical grade chelated trace elements, CANNA Vega ensures complete absorption of nutrients during the critical stages of plant growth.