Aptus Humic Blast 1 liter

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Organic soil conditioner

Humic-Blast stimulates the root system and soil while improving the absorption of nutrients. Humic-Blast improves soil structure, increases the water retention capacity, neutralizes acids and salts in the medium. Humic-Blast is very rich in carbon components and potassium humates and is supplemented with natural plant hormones and micro-elements. 


- Organic soil conditioner
- Provides a loose and airy structure of the substrate
- Stimulates soil
- Reduces stress during the planting or transplanting
- Improves nutrient absorption capacity
- Detoxifying/Remediation effect (regarding heavy metals, chlorine compounds
- and sodium in the medium)

Tips & Trics
- Humic-Blast is added to the last two to three water turns. If not possible, flush the final week with clean water and Humic-Blast. This regulates the nutrient salts in the medium while improving the medium structure by producing a loose and airy texture. This regulates the EC in the medium so that young plants of the next production run have a successful start in the same medium.

Humic-Blast contains humic acids from the Leonardite layer combined with growth promoting amino acids, plantextracts and micro-life extracts.

Application and dosage
Shake well before use.
Humic-Blast is used in the last two to three water turns. Apply 30 ml of Humic Blast per 100l of water (1:3333) and for the last watering use 60 ml of Humic Blast per 100l of water.