Aptus N-Boost

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Powerful growth stimulator

Plants have a large demand for nitrogen during the vegetative or growth phase. N-Boost contains organic nitrogen and left-turning amino acids. N-Boost is fully water soluble and leaves no residues. N-Boost is an organic product that stands out for the bioavailability of the growth-promoting substances. N-Boost has a powerful stimulating effect on the growth process and it also stimulates the soil. N-Boost gives you an optimal support during the growth without risks of clogging.

- Fully organic growth stimulator
- Improves growth productivity
- Improves sugar content
- Provides a compact and solid growth
- Improves resistance to fruit damage

Tips & Trics
- Replace Startbooster as growth and root stimulator by N-Boost at drip systems.
- N-Boost is fully water soluble and does not leave any residue in drip systems.
- Do not use N-Boost in combination with Startbooster (in case nitrogen level in nutrition schedule is too high).

N-Boost contains left-turning amino acids and organic nitrogen.
N-Boost is available in 150ml, 1000ml and 5000ml packaging’s

Use N-Boost during the growing phase.
Use 30-50 ml N-Boost per 100l of water.
Shake before use.
- Fully water soluble
- Leaves no residue in the irrigation system