Plagron Natural Starter Set 1 Liter with additives 250 ml

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This set from Plagron contains everything you need to get through the growth and flowering well, easy to refill when you are almost without. The Plagron Roots root stimulator ensures a quick start, after which you use the Alga Bloom during flowering and supplement in the beginning with Pure Zym which helps to keep your medium clean and better absorption of the nutrients, after which you use the Green sensation at the end to give a strong boost for a good result.

Contains :

1 liter Plagron Alga Grow

Alga Grow is an organic basic nutrient for growing on 100% NATURAL peat substrates. You use Alga Grow in the growth phase of the plant. The algae in this basic fertilizer ensures healthy and even growth of the plant and good root development. With Alga Grow you give the plant a solid foundation during the weeks of the growth phase, so that the flowering phase can be started without any problems later on.

1 liter Plagron Alga Bloom

You use Alga Bloom in the flowering phase of the plant. Alga Bloom is an organic basic food that has been specially made for growing on soil. Do you want to grow organically? Then use Alga Bloom. This fertilizer is certified organic. Alga Bloom contains algae and ensures healthy, sturdy plants and a rich bloom.

250 ml Plagron Roots

Power Roots is a root stimulator. You use this stimulator in the growth phase and the first weeks of the flowering phase. Power Roots stimulates the growth of the roots and increases the resistance of the plant. It works quickly, economically and is absorbed by the plant almost immediately. Power Roots ensures the development of strong plants.

250 ml Plagron Pure Zym

Pure Zym is a soil improver based on natural enzymes. It ensures an accelerated breakdown of dead plant parts, releasing extra nutrients that stimulate soil life. Pure Zym also increases the oxygen absorption capacity.

250 ml Plagron Green Sensation

Green Sensation is a powerful 4-in-1 booster, to be used on all growing styles, which guarantees the highest yield. It combines 4 actions in 1 bottle. Green Sensation improves flowering, resistance, soil and yield. When you use Green Sensation you don't need a PK fertilizer, enhancer, booster or enzymes!