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House & Garden Bacto Force 4 kg

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House & Garden Bacto-Force 4kG SOIL and COCO

Bacto-force is a very popular and essential product for the grower who want to use the same soil for more then one time. You can add this product also to new soils.

This ameliorative soil product, adds essential bacteria, enzymes and beneficial fungus, to your soil or coco so that the plants are fully protected against pathogen agents.
Bacto-Force ensures a better structure, a better mineral transport, ensures a better root system, an equilibrated growth and adds a supplement of lime to the soil.

Bacto-force contains a high density of micro-organisms.
It stimulate the SOIL life and provides an additional protection against  soil diseases and stimulates growth.
DOSE: 1 Soup Spoon for a 5 Litres pot or 1 kg for 10m² of soil.

COMPOSITION: 4kg, Bacteria of compost, actinomycetae, co-enzymes, proteins, bacteria azotobacteria, lime, bone meal, blood meal, bentonite, 100% natural ingredients.

USE INSTRUCTION: Fill your tray or pot with soil, sprinkle it with Bacto-Force and cover the grains with 2-4 inches of soil, moisten the soil and start planting the next day.