Bluelab Ec Nutrient Monitor

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Instant Peace of Mind! One quick glance is all it takes. In an instant, the wall mounted Bluelab Nutrient Monitor tells you that your crops' needs are A.O.K. If the red light flashes - it's time to make a change.

The probe can be situated 'inline' or simply placed in a tank or reservoir for constant monitoring.

The Bluelab Nutrient Monitor is used to continuously measure the conductivity (EC/CF/ppm500) of a solution. It is designed to be mounted in a permanent position with the probe situated either 'inline' or simply placed in a tank or reservoir. The reading is displayed on the screen at all times. A single push of a button will display the current temperature of the solution.

As the monitor is operated by batteries, it can be located anywhere!  The Monitor has an alarm feature, which is indicated by a red flashing light to let you know that the conductivity of the solution is outside the desired value. Calibration is not required as this is locked in during manufacture.

The monitor can display the readings in EC, CF or ppm500 and °C or °F. If you would like to change the reading value to be displayed, simply remove the back cover and change the jumpers.