Aptus K-Boost

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Powerful maturation stimulator
Plants require more potassium during the maturation phase. The K-Boost contains potassium (K) and L-amino acids, is fully water soluble and does not leave residues.
K-Boost is an organo-mineral product that stands out for the bioavailability of the active ingredients. K-Boost has a powerful stimulating effect on the maturation process.
Organo-mineral maturation stimulator
Increases firmness end product
Improves yield
Improves quality

Tips & Tricks
Use K-Boost during the last weeks for a compact and firm end product.
K-Boost is fully water soluble and does not leave residues in drip irrigation
K-Boost only has a minimal effect on pH and EC of nutrient mix.

K-Boost contains l-amino acids, potassium and organic nitrogen.
Application and dosage
Use K-Boost from 5th week until the 7th week of blossom.
Use 30-50 ml K-Boost per 100 litres water.
Shake before use.
Fully water soluble
Does not leave residues in the irrigation system