Lumatek 1000 Watt Dual Spectrum Hps Lamp

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The HPS Dual Spectrum High-par grow lights from LUMATEK are designed by the world's leading HPS lamp engineers. These lamps provide exceptional performance in combination with both the older magnetic and the more modern electronic ballasts, so all ballasts and ballast 230v.

The Lumatek Dual Spectrum lamps are optimized to work perfectly with our high frequency digital ballasts. The LUMATEK Dual Spectrum lamps are internally reinforced so that they are much more robust and last longer than the lamps of other manufacturers. The spectrum has been adjusted in such a way that it is optimal for both the growth and flowering phase of plants. The seals and internal frame are reinforced in such a way that our lamps continue to work for a long time and extremely consistently at maximum output.

Improve your yield through our unique gas mixture, which also contributes to the optimized spectrum, which increases photosynthesis in the plant. The Dual Spectrum lamp is suitable for all different growing stages, so for both growth and flowering!

For best results, always combine the LUMATEK Digital Ballast with the LUMATEK Dual Spectrum lamps.