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GIB MH Bulb 150w

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The affordable option from the metal halide
family: The 150W metal halide lamp ?Growth Spectre? from GIB Lighting.

Special lighting for the growth phase in the efficient 150W class. The colour spectrum of this metal halide lamp is perfectly suited for cuttings and seedlings. During the first weeks of the vegetative stage, the increased blue proportion ensures compact plant growth.

Metal halide lamps are also suitable for use with all plants that do not flower (e.g. palms and other green plants), or plants that shouldn?t be allowed to flower, such as mother plants for breeding crops.

Note: To operate this lamp, a ballast with suitable performance values (150W) is required, as well as an E40 bulb holder. Metal halide lamps can not be dimmed and must be operated at their respective performance level (e.g. 150W MH = 150W setting on the ballast).