TBM Green Power Ballast 150 watt

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The TBM Green Power ballast is a ballast with an electronic circuit, built-in capacitor and igniter. The GreenPower GP150 ballast is a complete unit for 150 Watt high-pressure discharge lamps, both HPS (high pressure sodium) and MH (metal halide) lamps.

The TBM GreenPower ballast is characterized by a very powerful detonator and a high power factor correction capacitor of >> 0.9. This allows a quick start of HPS and MH lamps. The ballast is finished in polyester resin.


- Type GP150 MH HPS 150 Watt
- Complete unit for high-pressure discharge lamps
- Suitable for HPS and MH lamps
- Voltage: 230V
- Frequency: 50
- Lamp current: 1.8A
- Power: 150 Watt
- Power-on LED
- Ballast with windings in class H
- dT max 75 °C
- Maximum ballast temperature: Tw 130 °C
- Maximum ambient temperature: 40 °C
- Finished in polyester resin
- Complete with ignitor and capacitor (Cos-Fi 0.9)
- Maximum lamp distance 16 meters
- Dimensions: 180x105x80mm
- Weight: 2.9 kg
- Comes with installation instructions