Davin DV 101D Digital Seconds Timer

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Davin DV101D Digital Second Timer

The DV-101-D is a digital seconds timer. You can switch any device on or off for a few seconds.

The DV-101-D also has a week program. So you can determine in advance how many seconds, for example, the pump is on every day of the week and thus ensures that your crop receives the same amount of water every day.

The DV-101-D is protected with a 6 Amp thermal fuse. The thermal fuse ensures that the DV-101-D switches off in the event of a short-circuit or overload. The advantage of the thermal fuse is that when the problem is solved you only have to press the "reset" button and the DV-101-D goes into operation again.

Number of switching moments: 50 (25 times on and 25 times off).


- Dimensions in mm: 210 x 115 x 110.
- Voltage: 230 V AC / 50 Hz.
- Max. consumption: 6 Amps.
- IP-44