Metrop Amino Root+ 1 liter

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Amino Root is a high-quality plant extract containing all amino acids and vitamins

necessary for the growth of roots in any medium.

. Stimulates the explosive formation of roots;

. Stimulates the production of root-hairs;

. Increases resistance to diseases;

. Increases resistance to stress;

. Restores stressed cuttings;

. Stimulates the production of root hormones;

. Stimulates the production of enzymes;

. Absorbed directly without the intervention of enzymes;

. Free of heavy metals.

Keep out of reach of children.

Use:From the 1st day of growth give daily for 3 weeks.

Water every day as needed.Be careful not to overdose.

This product should be stored in a dark, frost-free place.

In the event of eye contact in concentrated form, rinse eyes immediately with water.