Metrop Calgreen

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Calgreen is a high-quality plant extract containing all macro and micro

nutrients required for growth and bloom in any medium.

. Visibly improves the absorption of nutrients at the root;

. Assures a tangible strengthening and toughening of the top;

. Assures a measurable increase in the mass of the end product;

. Assures the availability of sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and

  protein synthesis;

. Does not contain harmful colouring agents and is not diluted with water: it consists only of the purest raw materials. Therefore use with a low EC;

. No best-before date;

Keep out of reach of children.


If the soil is nutrient-rich, give this mixture 1 to 3x per week. Give daily if the soil is nutrient-poor or if you use hydroponic growth methods. Water every day as needed.

Be careful not to overdose.

Mixing:Add Calgreen as last in the mixing tank.


This product should be stored in a dark, frost-free place.

In the event of eye contact in concentrated form, rinse eyes immediately with water.

Shake the container well !