Hanna EC Meter HI98304 Dist 4 EC Tester

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  • Description

The DiST® testers are widely used for monitoring conductivity in drinking water, water treatment, reverse osmosis, cooling towers, wastewater, laboratories, agriculture, aquariums, hydroponics and the printing industry. These testers have an amperometric graphite electrode that provides improved repeatability of measurements because they do not oxidize.

An amperometric measurement of EC is based on Ohm's law: I = V/R, where R depends on the distance between two pins and their surface. Oxidation changes both distance and surface, directly affecting accuracy. DiST® non-oxidizing graphite pins can provide an optimal surface for accurate, reliable results.

Automatic calibration
If calibration is required, simply submerge the electrode tip in the calibration solution and the meter will calibrate automatically!

Exposed temperature sensor
These testers feature exposed temperature sensors for faster response times.

Water resistant
An easily removable cover provides access to the battery compartment.

  • Water resistant
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • Automatic One-Point Calibration
  • Measurement stability indicator
  • Measure temperature