Plagron Microkill 1 liter

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Micro Kill.
Kills harmful bacteria and fungi
Micro Kill is an organic plant protector based on organic lactic acids. It reinforces the plant’s natural defence system and kills harmful bacteria and fungi. Micro Kill makes it impossible for other microbes to live on the leaves. This prevents exterior contamination.
Shake well before use. Add 250 ml of Micro Kill per 1 litre of water (1:4). Spray the plants with this food solution every two days. Do not use in the last two weeks of the flowering phase.

Pasteurised fermented solution (water, (organic) grain, live lactic acid ferments). Stabilised lactic acid solution: 11 gram of lactic acid (C3H6O3) per 1 litre.
Tips from Plagron
Use Micro Kill as a preventative to inhibit crystallisation and the formation of bacteria in the mixing vessel (1:100).
Please be aware that Micro Kill reduces the pH value of the food solution.