Ecostyle Fly Away

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Chase flies effectively with the Fly Away

Enjoying a relaxed meal on your terrace without all those flies sitting on your food? ECOstyle's Fly Away is a safe and environmentally friendly fan to keep flies away from food. The rotating blades create a shimmer and a gentle wind current that keeps flies away. Operates on 2 AA batteries (not included) or a 5V USB adapter (not included). The soft flexible wings rotate silently and safely. If an object enters the blades, the FlyWay automatically stops spinning. The FlyWay has a compact size and is easy to take with you for example to go on a picnic.

Enjoy your terrace without flies with the Fly Away
Do you also enjoy the outdoors? Enjoying a nice BBQ with a drink. Only those flies are so irritating. It is also not hygienic when they sit on your food. Therefore, put the Fly Away from ECOstyle on your table. The rotating blades create a kind of wind, which the flies hate and stay away from the food. So you can enjoy your company and food undisturbed.

Tips for a fly-free home
Use the 100% natural ECOstyle Pest & Wasp Spray when there are flies in and around the house.


  • Place 2 AA batteries (not included) in the bottom of the device
  • Turn on or off. The Fly Away also works with a 5V adapter (not included)
  • You can use a USB port to supply power