Garden High Pro Probox Propagator tent XL - 120 x 40 x 200 cm

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Propagators will help you maintain the weather conditions you need with a reflectivity of 97%. Specially designed for the germination of seeds and the rooting of cuttings. They have all the quality in the finishes and materials used in Probox, with the Garden Highpro guarantee. Its zippers with double Nylon sewn does not allow the loss of light from the closet.

The variety of models offered by the range adapts to most of the grower's needs. They are ideal for medium and large growers whose propagation needs range from a few hundred cuttings up to thousands. In addition, thanks to its design, several of them can be installed in very little space if necessary. increasing production capacity.

Once your propagator is full of cuttings, provide them with as much moisture as possible. During the first two days should not drop below 90%; from there it will gradually decrease until the end of the rooting around 80% over the next week. With the Propagator you can easily install everything the necessary equipment thanks to its careful design of professional wardrobe.

On the other hand, to help the rooting of the cuttings, & nbsp; it is advisable to cut back around 50% the surface of the cutting leaves in order to reduce the evaporation area of ??the leaf. It is also avoided like this that the sheets overlap one another accumulating moisture in the contact area, this being an invitation to let the fungi invade us.

ProBox XL Propagator

  • Length x width x height: 120 x 040 x 200 cm
  • Mylar plant friendly aluminum: certified
  • Superior Mylar reflectivity: 97%
  • Main door: 2 units 55 x 190 cm
  • Air inlet 2 units 30 x 20 cm
  • Round extraction socks 3 units Ø 13.5 cm
  • Socks with electric cable 4 units Ø 8 cm