Plagron 25 liter bio supermix

  • Description

The Plagron range consists of a large number of natural raw products which all guarantee optimum growth and blooming. All Plagron products are of premium quality and are manufactured with the greatest possible care. Plagron has united all of these natural plant treats into a balanced Bio-Supermix. This mix contains all fertilisers in the right proportion that a plant needs to develop optimally.

Plagron Bio-Supermix contains (among other things) living fungi and bacteria, various minerals and vitamins, trace elements, bactosol, poultry meal, maerl, basalt meal, bentonite, seaweed meal, lava meal, guano and worm humus. Like all other Plagron products, the concentrated purity of the Bio-Supermix ensures that you only need to use a very small amount.

Usage in full soil: 5 to 10 ml per 100 square metres, depending on the plant type being grown.

Usage through potting soil: 2.5 to 5%, depending on the plant type being grown. Blend well.