Plagron Clay Pebbles 50 liter

  • Description

Euro Pebbles is a high-quality inert hydroponic substrate. The material is based on pure, salt-free clay that is baked in an open oven to produce the characteristic irregular granules. Euro Pebbles has a broad range of applications because the user can determine the nutritional value. This substrate is suitable for various cultivation methods and specifically suited to recirculating systems. Euro Pebbles is washed.

After harvest, soak the Euro Pebbles in a solution of Pure Zym with a pH value of 5.5 for 24 hours. Then thoroughly rinse them with a nutrient solution containing 1 ml per litre Hydro A&B and having a pH of 5.5. Euro Pebbles can be reused virtually indefinitely

Expanded clay pebbles (8-16 mm / 0.31-0.63 in.).