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Ghe Rainforest 72

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The General Hydroponics RainForest system allows you to rapidly root cuttings and germinate seeds. You can raise small plants to maturity in the RainForest, or start your plants in the RainForest and transplant them to your garden or to another hydroponic system such as the General Hydroponics AquaFarm.

You will be amazed by the kinds of plants that can be propagated from cuttings using the RainForest. These include fruit and nut trees, ornamental shrubs, vegetables, and flowers -- many of which have never been propagated by cuttings before. Of course, easily-propagated plants will root quickly and grow phenomenally in the RainForest.

The GHE RainForest secret is the patented aero-hydroponic method of delivering the nutrient solution. Oxygen-charged nutrient solution is sprayed through the air onto the cuttings, seeds, and newly formed roots. This oxygen-rich nutrient solution constantly circulates within the RainForest reservoir, so that much more oxygen reaches the root boundary zone than with other hydroponic systems. The roots absorb optimal levels of both oxygen and nutrients, so that the entire plant thrives.

L = 67 cm – W = 67 cm – H = 31 cm
Effective capacity = 60 Litres
72 plant-sites.