Secret Jardin Darkroom DR120 R3 120cm x 120cm x 200 cm

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The Secret Jardin Dark Room Revision 3.00 grow tents are even firmer and more fully equipped than before. The Dark Room DR120 comes with 6 types of accessories. They still use the best reflective Mylar foil for the Dark Rooms.

The Secret Jardin Dark Room DR120 is a professional and high quality grow tent. The DR120 is on the inside fully fitted with the highly reflective Mylar 210D foil. The mylar that is used for the Dark Room's reflects more light than the hobby range tents, has a high tear resistance, heat resistance, oil, grease and moisture resistant and is machine-washable.

The Dark Room DR120 grow tent has two air inlet connections of Ø 280mm and two air exhaust connections of Ø 280mm. It has three Ø 75mm passthroughs for cables. At the bottom of the Dark Room DR120 are also two ventilation windows of 20x30cm that can be shut or opened by means of velcro flaps.

All Dark Room are equipped with light-proof zippers and quick and easy to set up with the clear instructions. The Dark Room DR120 is a full options grow tent and comes with, 1 WebIT120, 1 set of StrapIT's, 1 set of HookIt's,  15 CableIT's, a PocketIT and the new Space Booster.

The newly introduced Space Booster ensure that the Mylar side walls can not be sucked in.


-    Available in various sizes;
-    Equipped with super strong Mylar;
-    Lined with the best reflective Mylar 210D;
-    Larger inlets and outlets (flanges);
-    Improved and stronger zippers 1 cm wide with an improved light density;
-    The Dark Room are fitted with a waterproof and removable tray (thickness 210D height 8 cm);
-    Steel poles Ø 19mm;
-    Extra strong 5mm thick plastic corners;
-    The Dark Room DR120 has one door at the front;
-    All Dark Room grow tents larger then the DR60 are equipped with special air passthroughs for cool tubes;
-    All Dark Rooms's larger then the DR90 are equipped with side panels that can be unzipped for easier access;
-    The canvas and inner of the Dark Room can be at 40 ° C washed in the washing machine;
-    The DR120 is equipped with three suspension tubes for example, a filter, and the lighting capacity per tube is less than 15 kg.


-    Revision: 3.00;
-    Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 200 cm;
-    Tent poles: Ø 19 mm;
-    Tent and inner tray material: Mylar 210D;
-    Recommended lighting: 1x HPS/MH 600W or 1x LED/CFL 400W;
-    Cool Tube passthrough: 2x Ø 280 mm;
-    Ventilation opening: 2x 20x30cm;
-    Air intake: 2x Ø 280 mm;
-    Air exhaust: 2x Ø 280 mm;
-    Cable entry: 3 x Ø 75 mm;
-    Space Booster: Yes;
-    Plant Support: 1x WebIT120;
-    Load capacity: 3x 15 kg.