Root Riot Bag (100)

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Root Riot Cubes are made of composted organic materials and recommended because of their large spongy texture, making for a perfect lightness and humidity causes. This in combination with the recommended temperature for the seeds or cuttings ensures a rapid and healthy root growth.

Root Riot Cubes are specially inoculated with micro nutrients to nourish the young plants and are already shipping moist. If the Root Riot Cubes have become too dry, you can easily re-create the cubes by placing wet. Them in a bowl with lukewarm water Put them back in the container and drain well before using.

The Root Riot Cubes should be, spongy and moist not soggy. Unused Root Riot Cubes should be taken to avoid drying. Packed in plastic
Ideally, the Root Riot Cubes at room temperature. If you keep them at a lower temperature, let them come to room temperature before use.

The Root Riot Refill Bag contains about 100 cubes that you can refill. 4 Root Riot trays.