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Aptus Bioshark Dislike 100ml

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Prevents harmful flying, sucking and crawling insects
Dislike prevents problems with flying, crawling and sucking insects that nestle on or around the plant. The preventive use of Dislike prevents problems with spider mites, thriphs and aphids. Dislike contains a mix of essential oils that keep insects at a distance. Dislike is a 100% organic product.
No more problems with flying, crawling and sucking insects
100% organic and not harmful for the plant

Tips & Tricks
Dip young plants or cuttings in a mix of Dislike to dispose of harmful insects
(4 ml/1 litre)
Spray Dislike always with the lights switched off. Spraying with the lights
switched on leads to burn spots on leaves.

Dislike contains a mixture of essential oils. These oils all have a specific function to keep insects at a distance. The combination of 5 oils in 1 product guarantees a broad mode of action. Dislike is the only product on the market with such a powerful formula.

Application and dosage
Mix 4-8 ml litre of (hand-warm) water. Spray every 7 days thoroughly on the plant surface. Wear a mask when spraying Dislike. Shake before use.