Bio Nova FreeFlow (No Burn) 250 ml

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FreeFlow is a natural wetting agent based on Yucca-extract (Sarsaponin Schidigera). FreeFlow lowers the surface-tension of liquids, so that they can penetrate more easy in soil, rockwool, coconut and other media.
For example, initial soaking of rock wool slabs used to take 24 hours while with FreeFlow this only takes 6 hours.
In case of vermin this product is more effective than other products .
While other products usually only leave behind small drops on the leaf, FreeFlow puts a film on the entire leaf which makes pest control more effective. When you are applying FreeFlow to potting soil, you will be able to divide the nutrient solution in the pots or trays much more easily.

Yucca Schidegera Extract 98.0%

FreeFlow can be mixed in with liquid fertilizers or pesticides.
After mixing some foam may occur but this dissolves by itself over time.

Continuously add 3-5 ml. per 10 litres of nutrient solution.
Spraying: 10 ml. per litre of water. Shake well before use.