Bio Nova Vital 0.25 liter

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VITAL is a strengthener, consisting of natural fatty-acids, silicium and trace elements. Frequent spraying with VITAL strengthens the cell-tissue and changes the pH-value. This slows down the development of fungus-infestations (such as mildew), and encapsulates infestations which have already taken place, in order to prevent further spread.

Besides climatic conditions, also the plant’s natural resistance plays a considerable role in the development of such infestations. A well-growing, strong crop is by definition less sensitive to diseases and plagues. Modern views on the protection of crops against all sorts of infestations have increased the emphasis on precautionary measures. Chemicals never have a positive effect on the crop. (or the gardener). VITAL is a strengthener, not a pesticide. It is therefore primarily used as a precaution. VITAL is a 100% natural product and is not harmful for humans, animals or the environment.

Spray : 10 ml. per one liter of water (+ 10 ml. NoburN).