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BN Roots

A great number of extensive research on root development and reinforcement done over a period of several years, show that the use of BN Roots leads to a larger root  activity and therefore also a higher yield of all of the tested crops. This stimulator has already been applied with great success for many years in European horticulture and in the world of growing. BN Roots can be applied on the leaf as well as in the medium used for cultivating.

BN Roots consists of:

    Humic-acids (improves the absorption of oxygen, quickens the root and cell development, quickens the transport of ions).
    Kelp (healing of wounds and of chlorosis, increases the chlorophyll development, more root-hair development).
    Ascorbin-acid (vitamin C).
    Thiamin (vitamin B1).
    Myo-inositol (for the forming of cell walls).
    L-glycine (amino acid, for a better resistance and growth).

BN Roots makes for a better and quicker root development, a better food absorption, a higher stress resistance, a more effective use of  nutrients, and higher yield in all tested crops. In short: a higher yield. BN Roots is mixable with all fertilizers and care products .

100 ml. per 10 litres of water suffices for 70 plants. Apply this product only once, preferably at planting. BN Roots remains effective for 30 days, exactly the same period in which most of the roots are being formed. In case of acute problems or damage caused by root-eating insects an extra dosage of BN Roots could have a positive effect (in case of vermin control them by means of other products , BN Roots is not a pesticide).