Plagron Terra Bloom

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  • Description
• Highly concentrated universal feeding for flowering.
• Suitable for all types of potting soil.
• Part of The TERRA concept®.
• Guaranteed optimal flower formation.
• Prevents deficiency symptoms during the
flowering phase.
• Provides an optimum balance between plant and
fruit growth.
• Has a hardening effect on the end product structure.
• Promotes plant vitality.
• Prevents diseases and stress.
• Trace elements in chelate form guarantee
optimum availability.
• Can be used with all types of soil.
• Suitable for all watering systems.
• 5 ml Terra Bloom® per litre of water (1:200).
• Use every time you water the plants.
• N-P-K = 2-2-4
• pH 4.5 - 6.5
• Dissolves in water clearly and odourlessly.
• Reduces the chance of plant casualties.
• Increases yields.
• Highly concentrated resulting in low use.
• Absence of ballast materials reduces deposits
on pots and the feeding tank.
• Based on “food grade” bio-minerals.
• Immediately absorbable.
• Amazing results. Plagron
For natural growth and bloom
Terra Bloom®
Excellent flowering is the logical outcome of balanced growthand Terra Bloom® is the likewise the next logical step after using Terra Grow®. Terra Bloom® supports and promotes flower formation
by using The TERRA concept®.