Tumble Trimmer

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The Original Dutch Tumble Trimmer is your best choice if you want to remove protruding plant parts like roots and leaves, or just want to make your own potpourri of all kinds of petals and fragrant herbs.

How it works
Rubber flaps gently roll the material across a grid, while a rapidly rotating wire cuts off the protruding leaves or roots. Processed plant parts remain on the removable grid without bruises or other damage. The cut waste is collected in the bottom half of the machine.

Two types available
For smaller jobs, there is a manually operated machine. Due to constant improvements in design, nowadays you only need to rotate the hand crank 12 times to fill your basket completely! No competitor can compete with it!

For more intensive use, there is the Electric Tumble Trimmer. The time can be set with an enclosed kitchen timer. In addition there is the option of a convenient seconds timer available, which switches off the machine automatically after a set time from 0 to 30 seconds.


- Cuts easily 125 grams of fresh material in less than 15 seconds
- Very tight result
- Designed to prevent loss or damage
- Whisper quiet, easy to carry and attractively priced
- Two year warranty

In short, the Tumble Trimmer scores on all points.


Diameter - Ø43 cm
Height - 45 cm
Weight - 4.2 kg