Sacla Easy-Rolls 2.0 Set

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The original Easy Roller is the Easy-Rolls made by Sacla in Italy. The Easy-Rolls set consists of two Easy Rollers and four Easy-Hooks. With Easy-Rolls, it's easy to adjust a (LED) lamp, Cooltube, reflector easily and stepless over a distance of 120 cm. The Easy Roller is the easiest way to adjust the height.

Attach the Easy Roller to your ceiling or tent pole and hang the Easy-Hooks in the luminaire or reflector. The lamp is easy to adjust by pushing it down or pushing it up. Hang the lamp to the desired height. These Easy Rollers can of course also be used to hang out of various other components.

Operating Instructions

The first time you use the Easy-Rolls, you need to adjust them once. Adjusting is very simple:

-    Mount / Hang the Easy-Rolls from what you want them to hang, for example the tent pole;
-    Hang the load to the Easy-Rolls, for example a reflector;
-    Tighten the wing nut on the Easy-Rolls until the load stays stable and can be easily adjusted up or down.


-    Load: Maximum 5 kilograms per Easy-Roll;
-    Adjustability: 120 cm;
-    Packaging: Set of 2 Easy-Rolls and 2 Easy-Hooks.