BAC is a producer of plant food, stimulants, plant invigorators and organic fertiliser for organic and other forms of crop cultivation. Over the course of eleven years, BAC has earned a name for itself among the wide range of available products.

BAC stands for Biological Activated Cocktail. BAC’s focuses on organic crop cultivation. The brand’s founder, Frits, is an expert in all things agrarian. For years, he developed his knowledge cultivating roses and he still uses his expertise in the role of consultant to the farming and horticultural sectors, both in the Netherlands and abroad. He is well known in India and South America because of his extensive knowledge of soil life and microorganisms. This speciality goes a long way to explain his affinity with organic cultivation.

BAC Roots Stimulator

BAC Bloom Stimulator

BAC The Final Solution


BAC Silica Power 500 ml


BAC Pro Active 120 ml

BAC Foliar Spray 120 ml


BAC Organic Grow 1 liter


BAC Organic Bloom 1 liter

BAC Organic Pk Booster

BAC Funky Fungi

BAC Plant Vitality Plus


BAC Bio Pellets 5 kg


BAC Lime 5 liter


BAC Biotablets