Atami Bcuzz

Atami: a renowned technical biological research bureau since 1997

Today, liquid plant nutrition, bio-stimulators, and substrates have become essential in the life of both the experienced and the hobby grower. To meet this growing demand Atami BV has been busy since 1997 to compose the best for your crop. By continuously testing and improving its products, Atami can meet high quality standards.

This quickly led to a wide selection for any method of growing. This wide choice did not go unnoticed, because soon Atami literally succeeded in conquering the world. With a large customer base spread over more than 40 countries in the world, you can truly call it a professional botanical research bureau. In this regard, the products of Atami are still sold worldwide and optimum breeding successes are obtained on many different continents.

Atami products are of a pure quality and highly concentrated. This makes the products economical in use and optimally balanced. In that respect Atami products can be used for almost any crop. To be able to respond to the wishes of every grower, the Atami range can be subdivided into three different nutrition lines, namely B’cuzz, ATA and ATA NRG.

The B’cuzz has been especially developed for the experienced grower who is looking for an optimum return on his crop. The ATA power has been composed for the grower who wants to grow as simply and easily as possible, but not at the expense of the quality of the harvest. The ATA NRG products are a must for the organic grower. Organic farming is becoming increasingly popular and in this respect the ATA NRG nutrition line is just what the doctor ordered. The environmentally conscious grower who keeps a close eye on the taste and smell of the finished product has good use for it.

The literal translation of Atami means: ‘Here I am’. In that respect Atami is to this day leading the field in plant nutrition and is continuously in development.


Atami B’cuzz Bloombastic Box Soil


Atami Ata Rootbastic 100 ml


Atami Bloombastic 325 ml


Atami B'cuzz Blossom Builder Tabzz Box (16)


Atami Ata Terra Max 1 liter ( flower )


Atami Ata Leaves 1 liter ( grow )

Atami Ata pk 13-14

Atami Ata XL

Atami B’cuzz Root stimulator

Atami B’cuzz Soil One component


Atami B’cuzz Coco A/B 5 liter


Atami B'cuzz Hydro A/B 5 liter

Atami B’cuzz Soil Booster Universal

Atami B’cuzz Coco Booster Universal


Atami B’cuzz Hydro Booster Universal 1 liter

Atami B’cuzz Bloom stimulator Soil

Bcuzz Bloom stimulator Coco

Atami Ata Drip Clean

Atami B’cuzz Atazyme

Atami Ata Nrg Flavor

Atami B’cuzz Blossom Builder Liquid