Plagron 100% NATURAL

Every grower wants to cultivate as good as possible, but not everybody knows how and which products to use. Plagron divided all of her substrates, basic nutrients and additives in 5 categories. These categories are all recognizable by their own colour.

You should grow 100% NATURAL when you prefer a healthy end-product with the best smell and taste. All 100% NATURAL substrates and fertilisers are 100% organic and suitable for organic farming (CU certified). The basic plant nutrients Alga Grow and Alga Bloom are both 100% NATURAL products. These are fertilisers based on algae. They provide a respectively healthy growth and flowering of the plant.
When you choose 100% NATURAL products, you’re growing organically and it’s no longer necessary to measure the pH and EC value. An EC- meter can’t measure all organic nutrients. The biological life in the soil of the 100% NATURAL grow style will ensure that the nutrients remain available for your plants and will help to stabilise the pH value. That’s why you don’t have to measure pH values.

Plagron Algabloom

Plagron Alga grow

Plagron Top Grow Box Natural