Softbox Torin

Are you looking for an extraction box? Alien Shop has various extraction boxes / fan boxes.These fan boxes are used, among other things, in the hospitality industry and industry. supplies the original exhaust motors from torin sifan. (No imitation)

These high-quality centrifugal fans are of English origin.
Frequently used fan for various air handling applications and designed for 24 hour ventilation processes.

Softbox extractor

The softbox extractor is a silenced exhaust box, where the exhaust motor with rubbers hangs in the box / housing. Vibrations that can be generated by speed controls are therefore not transmitted to the housing. The boxes are insulated with high quality fireproof and sound absorbing bubblefoam. All this in combination with the high-quality Torin suction motor contributes to a quieter operation!

Connections Softbox extractor

These silenced exhaust boxes are equipped with connections for round ducts. Make sure that the diameter of the channels is suitable for the number of m3 / h that will have to be moved through. The softbox extractors are available with a capacity ranging from 250 to 700 m3 / h. When selecting this, note which capacity motor is suitable for your situation.


Softbox Torin 250 m3


Softbox Torin 500 m3


Softbox Torin 700 m3


Ventilator Torin 250 m3


Ventilator Torin 500 m3